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Originally from Guatemala City, Guatemala. I am an artist from Spanish and Mayan background, which I represent in my work. I create paintings that open one’s imagination with a mixture of angles and perspectives. Also, I use bold colors and lines, where I create a world with unique geometric symbolism.

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Journey of The Soul


          Embarking on a soul journey through my art, I explore the depths of human experience, weaving emotions into visual representations that resonate with the inner sphere. Each stroke and color reflects a passage in the universal experience, inviting viewers to contemplate their own spiritual voyage.  As I navigate the canvas of the soul journey, my art serves as a visual testament to the shared human odyssey, a reflection of the profound and intricate narratives that unfold within everyone. Through this creative exploration, I aspire to foster a deeper connection with the universal threads that bind us and illuminate the beauty inherent in our collective spiritual sojourn.

In my artistic pursuit, the soul quest becomes a central theme, transcending physical landscapes into metaphysical realms. Through symbolism and expression, I delve into the complexities of self-discovery, transformation, and interconnectedness of souls. My creation aims to evoke introspection, guiding viewers on a contemplative exploration of their own unique paths. In essence, my art reflects a journey of the soul, inviting viewers to contemplate their own paths within the universal tapestry of existence.


                                                                                          Armando Chacon



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(954) 298-1748

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