"Crying Souls"

Welcome to the world of Armando Chacon

Born and raised in Guatemala, the painter is a Fine Art artist living in Atlanta, Georgia. At an early age, the beauty, the color, and richness of his country influenced him to grow his love for art. Creativity exploded after winning a national art contest that allowed him to demonstrate his natural born talent. At the age of twelve, the submitted drawing for the Iberian Airlines contest ended with a positive outcome. Armando’s best of show competed with 42,000 entrees, allowing him to embark in an unbelievable journey. The opportunity to travel to Spain and discovered the old master like Goya, Velasquez, and Picasso, a life changing experience that allowed Armando to pursue his art career and where we see him today.

Armando’s main influence comes from the ancient Mayan culture that it is full of mystery and tradition. In addition, a strong surreal influence was incorporated after he experiences the work of Salvador Dali and the Dada movement of the 1920’s. The result of his family migrating to United States due to political unrest and persecution, an opportunity to grow and explore. A more complete and mature style has risen after of all these life-changing experiences.

Inner-Realism is a term coined by some colleagues to describe his unique style in which his thoughts and feelings are represented in a unique visual form. Today his art works encompasses a specific formula where three fundamental influences are relevant. The ancient Mayan culture with its shapes and architecture determine the geometry in his paintings. As well as Armando’s Christian believes has given him a deep understanding of religion that becomes the essence of his works. Everything comes together in a surreal environment where your mind will be challenge. Through his works, he also strives to have others identify and relate to his inner thoughts. This search for a deeper understanding and meaning is obvious in his landscapes.

Inner-Realism has allowed him to connect with the viewer on a personal level, that sometimes it is unmatched by the spoken words. He hopes that you come and discover this unparalleled world, and enjoy the ride!


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